Early Years​

Welcome to Early Years

The Early Years Programme at OCAC Suzhou provides a nurturing environment for children aged two to five.  With inspiration from the Reggio Emilia approach and guidance from the IB PYP curriculum, our students discover the joy of learning through a balance of play and structured activities.

Characteristics of the Reggio Emilia Approach:

  • The participation of families
  • The collegial work of all personnel
  • The important of the educational environment
  • The presence of the teaching team
  • The learning and advocacy for children

It is a way of observing what the students know, their innate curiosity, what drives them as learners, and what challenges them.  It is the teacher’s responsibility to record these observations, and through careful reflection, develop appropriate ways for children to expand their academic and social potential.  “Early learning in the PYP is a holistic learning experience that integrates social-emotional, physical and cognitive development. In the PYP classroom, it takes place in dynamic environments that promote play, discovery, and exploration. It provides schools with a thoughtfully designed way to give 3-to-5-year-olds stimulating, supportive interactions with their teachers and the effective use of curricula.”

Children at OCAC Suzhou have many opportunities to build, explore, and fully engage in open-ended play. The IB and Reggio approaches nurture children’s growth and foster social-emotional, cognitive, physical, and creative development.

Information regarding Early Learning in the PYP obtained from ibo.org.*