Middle School

Welcome to Middle School​

Our MYP programme within OCAC is unique. Fundamentally, we use the content from the Chinese National Curriculum and teach it with the MYP Framework. 

All our curriculums are tailored to every student’s needs. With languages of instruction in both Chinese and English. We focus our education with a student-centred approach. This means we expect students to be able to deepen their understanding through their further investigations. 

We do not deliver an “off the shelf” curriculum that is solely taught through rote-learning by the teacher. We expect our students to question their understanding of the information provided. 

On the other hand, ATL skills in MYP curriculum help students to be life-long learners. 

Our school’s vision is at the heart of what we do in MYP – Chinese Origins, Global Originality. We also focus on developing well-rounded Chinese citizens, with a strong emphasis enhancing student character traits via the IB Learner Profiles and on the Socialist Core Values. 

We welcome you to join us and blaze the trail towards the future of high educational standards in China.