A Message from the Parent School Community Group (PSCG)​

” In OCAC, PSCG plays a significant role in the operation and development of school. The parents/guardians of each student are members of PSCG, and their representatives elected in accordance with the Articles of Association to represent and lead all parents school community members to help the parents – school community achieve healthy operation and continued growth.”

OCAC Suzhou Parent School Community Group Articles of Association

On the 30th of October 2018, the first meeting of Parent School Community Group (PSCG) was officially held.  Since then, the PSCG has played an important role, witnessing the school’s development.   From daily teaching, school bus, catering, parent workshop series, social fieldtrip, to the preparation of major school events, PSCG has established an effective communication platform between parents and the school.

Take the baton

The annual PSCG Committee election is like a relay race. Former members have fulfilled their missions and handed over the baton to the next one to start a new journey.

On 11th October 2021, PSCG held the general election, the PSCG 4th Executive Committee and Core members were elected through parents’ self-nominations, onsite and mail voting.