College Counselling

Who we are

Our experienced counselor team has guided students to apply to countries and regions such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Korea and the Netherlands, and more. All counselors are members of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). In the last five years, our counselors have attended IACAC and CIS (Council of International Schools) conferences as well as many other professional development programs to enhance their professional skills and professional competencies.

Jin Tianning

Preparing for universities aboard is a journey that requires companionship. This journey is full of mutual encouragement through teaching and learning, happy moments that students make valuable self-discovery, late-nights applications that counselors and students struggle together, shared joys and sorrows of persevering and overcoming difficulties and finally being admitted to the dream school. There is joy and excitement, but also reluctance and expectation to see students embark on a new journey in life. Every student is a shining individual with different advantages. In your future journey in OCAC, we will be beside you to realize your dreams and create new possibilities in life.

Dong Haoyin

In the past ten years as a university guidance counselor, I have helped hundreds of students apply to universities around the world. Dedication, devotion and responsibility have always been my philosophy. Students are accompanied from the very beginning of enrollment to the final university application, helping their growth and understanding the bouts of life. Trust and strength makes us fearless when we are striving for the same goal, let’s work together.

What we do

  • Discuss college planning with the student and the parents and help the child to develop a schedule, testing plan, and, eventually, a balanced list of appropriate post-secondary institutions
  • Provide information about chances of admission to particular colleges
  • Provide resources and opportunities for students and their families to learn about various colleges
  • Provide information about visitations, special events, open houses at colleges, deadlines, scholarships, and testing
  • Help students access and use important websites
  • Support and counsel students and parents throughout the entire research, application, and selection process
  • Collaborate with school staff to best provide university admission counseling and application assistance